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Parking Management System


Parking management system play an important role in modern time. Parking management system includes a boom barrier, entry machine or ticket dispanser and exit machine, there is a software also to control these all components.

Parking Management System

Parking management system is an innovative approach to control traffic flow and becoming feasible due to latest technology and services. It refers to various policies and programs that result in more efficient use of parking resources. Parking management is becoming Parking management system allow customers to get into parking area quickly. Customers can pay for their parking charges through computerized automatic payment station or through human cashier booth.

Parking Guidance System

Parking guidance system is developed for monitoring and provision of information on occupancy of individual parking spaces in the car parking. This system is designed for traffic problem of high proportion of traffic generated by drivers seeking vacant parking spaces. Parking guidance system is able to provide drivers with the latest and dynamically changing information on the availability status of monitored parking spaces.

Parking Counting System

Automatic car counting is an important part in automated traffic system, there is need to understand the traffic load and optimize the traffic. Parking counting system is able to achieve counting with a very good accuracy even in difficult scenario. The principle of the counting system is display the availability of vacant and free spaces in car parking.